Karoo Arrival

Our kleine Poem for you

You’ve made it down the dusty road
A warm welcome to our curiously creative abode.
Kick off your shoes and take a rest
Enjoy the Karoo energy at its best!

Then take your time and set your pace
To explore our beautiful hybrid space.
It may not be perfect … it may not be to your taste
It is after all a century-old place
But reserve your judgement … do not complain in haste.
You see, for us, it’s about kindness, love and respect
A reimagined home that has a magical effect.

We invite you to explore, inside and out
If you need any help, just give us a shout!
We hope you find joy, be inspired to sing
Write a poem or design a spectacular thing.

We wish you a stay filled with curiosity and grace
A heart filled with love and new friendships in place.


It takes a little time to orientate and understand the layout though happily the lovely House Manager is on hand to guide you. There’s the main Victorian house, the Barn and the Pool House which between them have five bedrooms, four stoeps, three kitchens, two dining rooms and innumerable exquisite outdoor spots to pause, ponder and enjoy. There’s a yoga deck, shaded by the most beautiful Bodhi tree and reached by ladder. A ‘glampers’ firepit with comfy seating to celebrate under starlit African skies.

An outdoor jasmine pergola spa where massages and other treatments can be arranged. A conservatory, garden orchard, medicinal healing and herb garden, along with a ‘Karoo Potting Station’ where your ‘Going home gift’ of a spekboom plant takes root. There’s a wishing well to inspire your dreams and a Floatation Tank to take your relaxation to the next level. And wherever your eyes travel you’ll find an aesthetic blend of restful beauty and quixotic interest!

Found in the tiny Karoo town of Prince Albert, De Kleine Prince is an enigma; because on the one hand it is just a house. Yet after hearing that the visionary, creative owner of this house spent five years renovating, you might wonder what on earth he has been up to all this time! But once you’ve seen, stayed, experienced De Kleine Prince you will understand; because this space is far more than just a house. It is a carefully considered, beautifully designed, warm and welcoming home; a place imbued with palpable passion, love and incredible attention to detail; a carefully curated, layered space, fifilled with fabulous yet functional furniture, perfectly placed art and a veritable treasure trove of, well, treasures. De Kleine Prince is also a global citizen, beautifully blending a fusion of East meets West aesthetics, while retaining its proudly South African roots. And it holds you, transfifixed, in a tight embrace which feeds your every sense and inspires you to slow your pace, live well, play, create, laugh and love.



Our reimagined village home offers a wide variety of iterations such as;

  • Entire Property: Sleeps 10
  • Victorian House: Sleeps 4
  • Barn House: Sleeps 4
  • Pool House: Sleeps 4
  • Individual Bedrooms: Each sleeps 2


Book The Entire Property

[The victorian House, Barn & Poolhouse]

Sleeps 10

A high-concept designer heritage home tucked away at the foot of the majestic Swartberg mountains.

We are perfectly sure you won’t miss De Kleine Prince as you enter town. The reimagined Karoo village home creates a fresh white canvas for nature to paint over, with the distinctive row of olive tree hedges being the first thing that visitors notice. As the day lingers, you will become acquainted with the magical display of colours as the sky and sun cast their shadows over the home.

Book The Victorian House

[EST 1913 & 1926]

Sleeps 6

De Kleine Prince is a place to experience fully - the more you look, the more you will see and feel.

As you enter the spacious hall of the Victorian House, you are greeted with poignant artworks, including sketches drawn by South Arica’s famously iconic Nelson Mandela.



Book The Pool House

[circa 1972]

Sleeps 4

Opting for an innovative and inspirational space, this property is equipped for the most discerning guests or groups.

The Pool House is a self-contained, fully equipped, two-bedroomed accommodation space and is completely separate from the Victorian House and Barn.

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