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Introducing Essential Curiosity

The drive behind De Kleine Prince

It all started with a teapot. The art of drinking tea, in my mind, is one of the most sacred rituals of life – it’s essential to living. A teapot should be functional, but noble design requires it to be luxurious, beautiful and efficient.

The Essential Teapot was the start of my Essential Life product range. Recognised for its symmetrical design, inspired by the sacred geometry of nature, the teapot symbolised the ritual of tea drinking. We did not market a hand-crafted, unique teapot – we launched the potential to live better, engage with the ancient ritual, find joy in the moment and connect with the brand story and symbols.

Today, Essential Curiosity embodies the fusion of brand, product, space and experience. We start by distilling the brand to its very essence, and with the soul of the brand in mind, we craft products and spaces through symbols to tell the brand story. Good design has the potential to interact with the intangible. It’s not only about what you see – it’s about how it makes you feel, connect to, and your unique experience with the brand.

We experience the world through design – products and spaces – and if you’re curious enough, your interaction with brand and design will make you feel with your heart. It should connect you to stories, rituals and your senses across all dimensions.